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The Colorful Cohas Spring Water bottle Label ready to display in your home or office The creators of Cohas.com have an appetite for history that just feels like it can never be satisfied! While researching the history of Londonderry, located just 45 miles north of Boston, they stumbled upon the 1000 Acres park of Cohas Springs. Since successfully collecting artifacts on another local water company Londonderry Lithia Water, this find was beyond belief. Not only did the founders of the Cohasaukee Corporation Roswell Annis create marvelous marketing materials like Londonderry Lithia, they did it in full color! What a match for the millions of dollars worth of equipment available to the founders of ImageAbility Steve Young and Kathy Wagner. Now with the highest quality scanners available in the world today they could capture the intimate details of these turn of the century illustrations.


The image has been restored with great care and sparkles With a resolution of 8000 dots per inch and a density range capable of capturing the subtlest shadow. The scans of the historic Cohas Springs artifacts revealed craftsmanship and artwork hidden from the community and the world for a century. Restoration of this full color image took months to make sure it looked as new, but not too new, just as it did years ago.


Now you can have this image in full color on the wall of your office or even in your home for a reasonable price. This display will provide a startling conversation piece that will always stop visitors in their tracks to ask "what is this all about"? This slice of Americana is available in 4 popular sizes. The large sizes come with museum quality mounting systems and have an optional locking system to keep your display right where you put it.


The Cohas Spring Water Display

Sizes available for the hand crafted Cohas Springs display.

  • Sample and accent size 8 inches wide by 7 3/8 inches tall
  • Plaque size 16 inches tall by 14 1/2 inches wide
  • Parlor size 24 inches wide by 22 inches tall
  • Grand Hotel size 48 inches wide by 44 inches tall
  • And yes! We can do custom size images and even wall size displays.


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Frequently asked questions

How is this image restored?

After scanning at the highest resolution and density range available the images are re-mastered pixel by pixel to provide the best possible quality at any size.

What do you mean by "any size"?

This image has been restored and could be imaged at 10 feet wide by 11 feet tall with no indication of electronic manipulation.

What is the material used to manufacture the display?

The base wood is a product that provides stability and uniformity and is 100% recycled material. The image is imbedded into the coating on the back of the ImageFlex product developed by ImageAbility in the early 1990's. The surface has a deep crystal appearance and provides protection for the image guaranteed as long as you own it.

The image has been restored with great care and sparkles

How do I care for the image?

To clean this display simply wipe clean with a dusting cloth or use any glass cleaning solution.

What is a museum mounting system?

Once only available to corporations and museums this system allows for easy, quick installation and can include a locking system to keep it on the wall. The mounting system will allow for a easy install that is simple to level. All the components you will need are included with the display (the "sample or accent" size is only available with a standard saw tooth hanger) the optional locking system can be selected in our online secure store.

How is the display locked to the wall?

We are sorry but we can not disclose this on the web. You will receive a key and full instructions with your order if you select this option.


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What if I am not happy with the display?

We offer a 100% Guarantee if you are not happy with the display. Call us at 1 800 253-1920, or email us for return authorization within 7 days of delivery. We will refund the cost of our product less shipping immediately.

This is an amazing display how do I share it with my friends?

Thank You! Please send them to Cohas.com we would love for them to tour the History of Cohas Spring Water "Bottled at the spring of Cohas Park, Thousand Acres, Londonderry, New Hampshire"



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