The History of Londonderry Cohas Springs

The Colorful Cohas Spring Water bottle Label available in our Gift Shop Welcome to the History of Cohas Spring Water! These images and illustrations bring the late 1800's and early 1900's to life. The Cohas Water Company bottled water at the spring in the Thousand Acres Cohas Park located in Londonderry, New Hampshire. Owned by the Cohasaukee Corporation of Manchester, New Hampshire the operation thrived for years. Much of the success was due to the pristine environment located in northern Londonderry just south of today's Manchester-Boston Regional Airport.


Here on the banks of the Cohas Brook sat the springs, visitors center, purification, refrigeration and carbonation operations, the bottling plant and distribution center. Visitors arrived by rail on trolleys piercing through the clean pine forests of New Hampshire. Not unlike the tours held today at Londonderry's StonyField Yogurt located just south of thousand acre park, visitors would make a day of it and refresh themselves from the grind of urban life.


Cohas Gift Shop

After your visit to the Cohas Spring we hope you take time to stop by our Gift Shop. Using the highest quality equipment and trained artists, we have completed restoration on several turn of the century images. These historic restorations are ready to order today and available in our online secure store. They are hand crafted and would look great in your home or office.



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